Textile tape

The textile tape brand PTU is produced according to the TS(Technical Standarts) 8151-001-92302329-2011

The technical tape  PTU are made from polypropylene and polyester high-strength threads. Each of these polymers has a different resistance to certain chemical compounds. When you select the tape you should consider this information.

The main advantages of tape made of polypropylene yarns:
-resistant to aggressive environments (acids, alkalis, oils, oil products and other various solvents);
- not exposed to the environment (sharp temperature drops and humidity) Preserves its physical-mechanical properties of the change of humidity and temperature in the range from - 60 C to + 100 C;
-throughout the service life does not change the its  linear dimensions;
-simplicity of use: easy to wash, disinfect not get wet;
-a small proportion.

The tape is wound in rolls in length of 30 to 100 meters (depending on type). Coils are placed in plastic bags, each bag has the   packing   list .

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