LIFTING accessories are made of a woven tape under TS 36.08.22-03-02

Textile slings with a loop and rings
a safety factor of 7:1
at customers request:
-slings are manufactured from various polymeric materials polypropylene, polyester, when choosing the material sling review the resistance of those or other polymers to the action of various chemical compounds;
- slings may be protected by additional cover;
- the slings are executed with wide or narrow loops;
- the width of the working surface by the requirement of customer

Textile slings

Own production allows to manufacture textile slings up to 100 tons.

The main advantages of textile slings:

The main advantages - low own weight and the possibility to use them in all kinds of slinging that greatly simplifies the steps of  the slinger.

*Textile slings do not damage polished or painted surfaces, does not violate the form and structure of cargo.

*Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and impact of the greater part of chemical compounds, oils, gasoline will not bring a sling no harm.

*Textile slings safe to use. They can not as cause injuries, as chain slings and as corrupt your hands and clothing  as of steel rope slings.

*Textile slings are soft, light, compact. To move slings does not require any special equipment, no special effort.

*These slings are not occupy much space in your warehouse.

Mounting TOWELS

Mounting TOWELS are Designed for lifting, moving and stacking in a trench of the isolated pipeline, and also to lift insulated pipes and sections of length up to 36 m with the purpose of their joining and welding "in thread" on trunk pipeline construction.

Tare tape Sling

safety factor of 5:1

Tare tape  sling allows to carry out cargo handling and warehousing of cargo in the bags  . Significantly reducing the time for loading / unloading works, that would help to liberate the labor force for other tasks.

Sling is required when handling cargo in the bags through sea ports.

The size of the SLING is developed with consideration of the required capacity, and must take into account the size of the bag ( fertilizers, flour, cement and other).

Packaging tape slings –« sling-net»

Functional supplements group of hoisting devices. If the sling is intended for transportation of cargoes in bags, which must be carefully put in a sling, the «sling-net» is designed for small cargo, which is not necessarily lying, fast loading in bulk. Depending on the size and weight of the shipment is calculated the size of the cell network, its potential, total size.
If there is no need to repeatedly use lifting product, «sling-net» is produced with the safety factor SF = 5.

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